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Spawned by Nektar, new Nektar rock the streets of Germany


After some turbulent times, prog-rock legends NEKTAR has inspired new Nektar!

Their new album ‘Megalomania’ takes stock of the current state of the world and is shaped by shared experiences and events unfolding over the past years. Contemporary and critical of its time, it remains conscious of Nektar’s extensive and great history, with the new tracks continuing effortlessly along this path.

Nektar has always been shaped by group changes and trips down various musical avenues. Now there is a new Band with an inherited line-up in part, with Klaus Henatsch the 11-year Nektar keyboard player. He is musical lead, producer and head of this Nektar offspring.

The tracks featured on "Megalomania" persuade the listener through innovative song writing, melodic complexity and a musical sense of adventure. And yet, they remain true to the sound of past NEKTAR releases, most recently "Time Machine".

In December 2018, new Nektar embarked on a tour of Germany and delivered proof that they have been rightly termed a signpost for contemporary neo-prog, all whilst reflecting one of the original pillars of prog-rock.

Their set featured the new album "Megalomania", for which CD and vinyl versions are available right now. ‘Live in Bremen’, NEKTAR’s celebrated last album, is also available as a triple-vinyl album.

A gigantic light show thrilled the audience, as it accompanied the new tracks and visually narrated the history of the original band.

Klaus Henatsch


With Nektar since 2007, entrusted by Roye Albrighton and Ron Howden, Klaus now leads new Nektar

Che Albrighton


Che Albrighton (son of Roye) has played with Nektar many times & now joins new Nektar on 'Megalomania'

Alex Hoffmeister

Guitar & lead vocals

Alexander has been handed the big (red) shoes of the guitar and vocals once mastered by Roye.
Welcome Alex!

Tom Fry


Tom has also played numerous times with Nektar,  you will be familiar with his super bass



His very first musical passion were The Beatles with their albums “Rubber Soul” and “Sgt. Pepper”. When at a young age he started playing the piano the urge arose in him to become musically active himself.

His first band developed "cult status" around Göttingen in the mid-seventies, their idols being Yes, Gentle Giant and Deep Purple. His heroes at that time - and until now - were: Brian Auger, Keith Emerson, George Duke, Jan Hammer and, of course, Jon Lord. Also Paul Carrack, whom he admired for his vocal qualities as a member of Warm Dust and, last but not least, Don Airey, now keyboard player with Deep Purple, whom he saw playing with Colloseum II.

But there was certainly another band which he truly admired: Nektar, who frequently played in his area. And what unforgetable moments he had: their unique light shows, wow… what a trip!!

After finishing school, he worked as a male nurse followed by attending to civilian service in Hamburg in 1978. However, evidently, his passion for Rock 'n Roll was even stronger and so he started his professional musical career with the Jutta Weinhold Band, playing heavy Rhythm 'n Blues and later on working for Klaus Schulze's IC Label as a studiomusician.

After moving to Hanover in 1983, he played with the Krautrockband PeterPanka's Jane. Throughout the nineties, he had his own poprock project Two are One and worked with Klaus Hess' Mother Jane. In the mid-nineties, after playing with Big Mama & The Golden Six, he developed a strong interest in Gospel music, which also was to become his passion. It ultimately led to a collaboration with Irish singer and Grand Prix winner Johnny Logan, whom he accompanied on the piano.

In 1998 he reunited the Jutta Weinhold Band, which he mainly led and produced. After Jutta's decision to return to Heavy Metal, they split in 2003.

All bands/projects here mentioned produced records and, in the case of Big Mama, also a live DVD.

He has also contributed towards many studio recordings in Hanover.

As of spring 2015, he is also a guest musician with the rock band Epitaph, and is represented on their latest albums and DVDs. In that same year he also joined the band Elephant - a famous/well-known pop band from the eighties and has been touring with them ever since. In November 2017, he joined Josh Smith, an exciting blues guitarist from Los Angeles, for two shows in Germany, one of which was specifically recorded for broadcasting on one of the biggest German radiostations, Deutschlandfunk.

Upon joining Nektar in 2007, he realised that the course of his musical development, starting in his youth, had come full circle. After the sad passing of frontman Roye Albrighton, he is now the one to whom the baton has been passed as musical lead, producer and head of the new band.
Of course, as a keyboardist of the "old school", he calls a Hammond M3 his own, which he doesn't carry around but uses for studio work. His live setup contains a Nord Electro 5D 73, Nord Electro rack, two Korg M50s (88 & 61), Roland A90, Yamaha Motif rack XS and a Korg Prophecy. 



Son of Roye, and no stranger to Nektar’s music. Having been born in to it, it has influenced him in his musical path as a percussionist.
Having worked in the music industry for 30 years, it wasn’t until 2010 that he would join Roye on tour playing acoustic versions of classic Nektar songs. He later joined Nektar on a European tour in 2014, stepping in for Ron Howden on drums.

Throughout his career he has played with various artists and bands, being a current member of Audioporn, an avant-garde political rock band who also toured with Nektar in the past, and also Clock Opera.

He appears on new Nektar’s album 'Megalomania'.



Was born on August 22nd, 1952 to a Bulgarian mother and a German father. From 1960 onwards, he begins performing with the church choir of his hometown Duderstadt. Together with his brother Wolfgang and two friends, he later forms his first band, ‘The Heart Beats’. They have their first public performance in 1966 in a regional band contest and emerge as winners. From 1966 – 1971 they count 400-500 performances, playing rock/pop covers.

In 1972 he founds the band ‚Fragile‘, again, together with his brother. They now start playing art- and prog-rock and only original compositions. They count Nektar, Yes and Genesis as their inspiration and become cross-regionally successful. In 1973 they win 3rd place in Germany’s Battle of the Band contest. This is also when they first come into contact with Nektar, as they play a show together. Alex begins to count Roye Albrighton among his idols and they form a somewhat spontaneous friendship. What follows, are countless festival shows and tours where Fragile acts as support for Nektar, UFO, Hardin & York, Manfred Man’s Earth Band, Collosseum II and many more.

In 1975 Alex Hoffmeister, who had until then tried to escape the draft, is forced to join the German army, thus announcing (for now) the preliminary end of the band Fragile. Their signed record deal with Bellaphone is annulled.

In 1976/77 him and his brother reignite the band, albeit with a change in line-up. However, unable to live-up to their early successes, the band starts unraveling in the early 80s, splitting in 1985.

Meanwhile, in 1980 Alex had joined the student band ‘Die Panzerknacker’, which celebrates huge successes. Over the next 27 years, Alex Hoffmeister travels all over Germany with ‘Die Panzerknacker’ as both front man and guitarist.

In 2002 the rock’n’roll radio station ‘Radio 21’ names ‘Die Panzerknacker’ (‘The tankbusters’) northern Germany’s best cover band. They count approx. 1200 performances, among them ‘Pop meets Classic’ with the Göttingen Symphonie Orchestra at Göttingen’s Lokhalle

From 1985-88 Alex is also engaged in co-writing songs with Mathias Reim for the German folk music scene (for Bernard Brink, Tina York, Mary Roos among others)

In 2010 he begins playing with young musicians in various line-ups as part of a ‘meeting of the generations’ project, as well as teaching and coaching student bands.

In 2016, following the passing of Roye Albrighton, he was approached by new Nektar regarding a possible cooperation. In the following year he joined new Nektar’s band camp in Butjardingen’s Onstage Gästehaus for rehearsals. 



My life in pieces.

Based in London.

Current bands include The Messengers of God, Audioporn, Bonzo Cats, and The Drowning Rats.

Che and I met, playing with Tom Baxter on the Skybound album, I then joined Che’s originals band Audioporn and eventually joined the Nektar party in early 2014. 



We would like to feature our tour drummer Norbert 'Panza' Lehmann for his excellent job on our 'Megalomania' Tour of Germany Dec.2018.
Within a short time he had prepared for the 2 ½ -hour program and smoothly integrated into our team.
Panza, thanks so much for your captivating professionalism and your great comradeship on the road!
He is a professional drummer from Hamburg and has been working in the music business for more than 40 years. Played with the German Rock legends Carthago, Epitaph and Jane. Furthermore with Eric Burden, Rudolf Rock and Roger Chapman. Now he is working mainly as a sought-after drumming teacher. Engaged in the Hamburg youth project 'Let 1000 stones roll'.

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Selling The World new NEKTAR - Megalomania
Where Do We Go To new NEKTAR - Megalomania
Smiling Face new NEKTAR - Megalomania
Intermezzo 2 new NEKTAR - Megalomania
Enough Is Enough new NEKTAR - Megalomania
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